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Athens County Probate/Juvenile Court

Juvenile Probation Department

Probation is a court service for juveniles in their communities as an alternative to placing them in detention centers or state institutions. Probation officers monitor conduct of juveniles under court supervision to minimize the threat to public safety. They ensure compliance with court directives and coordinate ordered treatment plans and services.

Juveniles on probation are subject to common rules that include obeying the law, parents or guardians, and school authorities. They are subject to curfew, substance abuse testing, and their associations are restricted. The probation staff schedules appointments to promote compliance and makes unscheduled calls or visits to detect unauthorized activity.

The court uses electronic monitoring devices to ensure compliance with movement restrictions for juveniles who would otherwise be detained. Equipment in service uses data from global positioning satellites (GPS). The GPS monitoring devices provide moment-to-moment location data to ensure compliance with all authorized movement and detect any unauthorized movement.